Apostle John A. Starkes ( Biography)

John A “Albart” Starkes. (born July 19, 1970) is an American visionary and chief Apostle of WorldWide Apostolic Association located in Shreveport Louisiana.

[1] Apostle John A. Starkes’s church services and evangelistic sermons are broadcast on The internet and can be found on youtube and other web search engines,¬† Other aspects of Starkes’ ministry include an annual revival called “Rhema Fest” , an annual women’s conference called “Women Empowering Women”. Apostle Starkes is also the author of “Breakfast with the Apostle” a daily Bible devotion sent out via emailIn the year of 2010, Starkes plans on launching the book version of breakfast with the apostle which will be sold in stors worldwide

On July 19, 1970, John Albart Starkes was born in Jacksonville, Florida to John Albart Starkes, Sr., however was not apart of Starkes’s life. As a child he was known as the miracle baby with a kingdom purpose.” At 5 months old he was diagnosed with spinal miningitis and given a few weeks to live. During this time his biological mother abandoned him in the hospital to fend for himself. A woman of God by the name of Luella Crawford who, while walking through the infant ward saw him in the closed in bed with cables and wires attached to him enquired about him and was told by the doctors that he wouldnt make it. Luella prayed to God and asked “if its Gods will that thischild dies then so be it, but if its Gods will for him to fullfill a purpose that she would be there in his life. Days passed as she stayed by the side of Starkes and prayed over and anointed him. Two weeks later Luella brought Starkes home as her foster child and proceeded into bringing him up in the church and Gods teachings. Every service and revival that she brought Starkes to all laid hands on him and said the same words. “You have a divine assingment and calling of God on your life. This journey would not be an easy one. Starkes had inpediments and disablements from being such a sick infant.The same doctors who said he wouldnt make it during his infancy were all now saying he would have difficulty in comprehending, along with speech impeediments. His new Foster mother would not give up. she continued to pray through it all. Shortly after his foster mothers death from a blood clot on christmas morning 1994, Starkes closed himself away from people¬† for fear that God was taking away all that he got close too.He felt he was the curse. He thought , Biological mother didnt want him, his biological father and all his siblings didnt know him, and the doctors who were in his care didnt belive in him. So now being raised by his foster father Grady Crawford and older adopted brother Grady Henry Crawford he rebelled to deal with this mild depression. Getting suspended from school frequently from fights and extortion. In 1989 Starkes graduated from William M. Raines High School and enlisted in the U.S. Army. During his tenure in the army, in 1991 Starkes was deployed to serve in the Gulf in “Operation Desert Storm” where during that time he found out his foster father died of a stroke.

By 1993, with no parents living, no knowledge of his siblings by his biological parents and the only family he had left was his adopted brother, who would check on him frequently. Starkes lost his moral for the military and discharged out to live a violent and risky life in the streets, selling drugs and fighting getting arested frequently where his brother Grady would have to bail him out.

In 2000, Starkes was released from prison walls for the last time, with a desire and will to allow God to take control. He got back into ministry studying and learning the word of God.

In 2007, Starkes founded Divine Power Church International located in Shreveport. Along with his wife Felicia Rena Starkes started out with a radio ministry on am 1400 kiou titled ” The breakthrough broadcast” Later that year they had over 150 members in thier congregation. In 2008 Starkes reformed the church with the name ” Shekinah Glory Worhship Center. Located in Shreveport, Louisiana and Vivian, Louisiana. Later that year Starkes founded World Wide Apostolic Association which is a covering ministry for over 12 ministries accross the globe

In 2007 he married Felicia Rena Holden who is now the Pastor of Shekinah Glory Worship Center and founder of W.E.W. ” Women Empowering Women”

Starkes is a charismatic speaker and preacher whose sermons are broadcast nationally and internationally over the internet.Starkes is also a aspiring prolific author who is writing many books and will soon be released.

Starkes’ church, Shekinah Glory, is very active in ministry and outreach both locally and internationally. World Wide Apostolic Association gives teachings to ministries for growth and strength in the kingdom of God. Empowering pastors with the tools needed to lead Gods people to their destiny


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